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Vrinda Singh

While most of us bode farewell to complex mathematical equations once we tossed away those 12th Grade textbooks, it’s hard to deny how important calculations and logic can be in the world of online forms and landing pages.

Whether you run a marketing agency, a gym, an eCommerce store or a photography business, your landing pages and forms need to fulfil unique and complex functions that might not be easy to replicate with an average, run-of-the-mill form builder.

This is why we’re incredibly thrilled to launch our versatile new Calculations field that allows you to incorporate unique calculations and logic to your website, landing pages or forms in a matter of minutes!

Using Calculations, you can work with a user's responses to calculate and optionally display a value. It's a field that you can wield to do loads of stuff, ranging from simple sub-scores to complex displays of logic.

Let’s break down all the magical things you can do with Paperform Calculations.

Complex Price Calculations

Provide pricing quotes or update shopping cart costs in real time.

When you bring complex pricing functions into the picture, it only becomes 10x harder to produce a viable calculations solution without code.

Here are just some of the innovative pricing functions you can fulfil with Paperform:

  • Provide accurate pricing quotes in real time based on multiple varying factors
  • Automatically calculate and update costs based on items in a users’ shopping cart
  • Update total costs based on the input of a discount or coupon

Simple pricing calculation template

Using this form, respondents can now receive a quote for their stay based on two separate factors: The duration of their stay and the size of the room they’re renting. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Paperform Calculations.

Firstly, the number of factors taken into account for calculations are limitless - you can use as many (or as few) factors as needed to provide your respondents with the most accurate quote as possible.

For example, in the form above, you may want to take into account the number of guests staying, the view of the room and/or if the guest would like to eat at the breakfast buffet. These factors can be added to the total cost in a variety of ways, whether they’re variable (eg. subtracting $10 for a Garden View Room and adding $25 for an Ocean View Room) or standard (adding $35 for each guest eating at the buffet).

Just as these complex, varying factors can be used to easily generate a quote for this fictional hotel, your business can also benefit from the versatility of the Calculations field. Whether you’re calculating a pricing quote for a client or setting up an online store with bespoke requirements, the possibilities are truly endless with Paperform Calculations.

Quiz & Score Calculations

Calculate and display quiz scores automatically.

If you’ve ever tried to create an online quiz, you’re probably aware that there are tons of quiz building tools out there. However, we’re all about making things easier than ever at Paperform. And we’re convinced that our new Calculations field is the easiest way to create any kind of online quiz - both simple or terribly complex.

Here are just some of the cool things you can do with Paperform quizzes:

  • Create onboarding assessments for clients that display unique results based on their responses
  • Create any kind of online quiz or test with complex logic, simplified
  • Make creative quiz funnels for customer targeting purposes

Multi-step quiz template

Using this form, respondents can see the results for their answers in real time after each step. Paperform Calculations allows you to attribute a score to each answer in order to make scoring simple, while also providing you with the flexibility to create any kind of quiz that you need.

Whether your intention is to engage potential customers with an interactive quiz or if you’re simply looking for a more dynamic solution for creating tests for your online course, Paperform Calculations has you covered for any scenario.

Dynamic Quizzes

Create forms that communicate with your respondents in real time.

Calculations aren’t just for numbers! You can also use our new field to transform your text answers too. Paperform is ideal for creating dynamic quizzes that calculate text answers and do so much more than simple maths.

Here are some of the useful things you can do with dynamic quizzes:

  • Create fun quizzes for social media
  • Set personalised responses for answers
  • Combine, validate, find and calculate text responses

Dynamic quiz template

Using Paperform Calculations, this quiz can calculate a Dragon Name for respondents by merging elements of each of their responses. Our new field allows for a variety of text-based calculations, including those that allow you to choose a certain element of a respondents’ answers (for example, the rightmost characters from a text string) and merge these with other elements or responses.

While a quiz like the one above can come in handy for social media marketing, dynamic quizzes can also be useful for working with words in general.

More Use Cases

Calculate Average Score Based On Responses

Calculate Time Based On Responses

Generate Custom Responses Based On Answers

Tickled your fancy? Paperform is free to try for 14 days with absolutely no Credit Card details required.

Let’s get quizzical!

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