10 Great DocuSign Alternatives for 2022

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Daniyar Jandossov Troncoso

Over the past few years, DocuSign has become one of the most popular ways for businesses to securely capture digital signatures.

Boasting over a million customers, and a billion users, it's no surprise that the name has become synonymous with the e-signature industry.

But DocuSign isn't the only choice. There is a range of digital signature tools out there, offering solutions that may be better for your business.

Let's look at a few of the best DocuSign alternatives:

1. Paperform

(Image Source: Paperform)

So you’re in the market not only for a stand-alone electronic signature software solution. But you’re also looking for a product that builds online forms. And you want landing pages that can collect data. And you want integrated e-signature functionalities.

Look no further than Paperform. The implementation of document signing is as easy as creating forms. Users can sign by drawing on a touch screen or by using a cursor. Paperform's team has put a lot of effort into making intuitive and easy-to-use features.

Because signing integrates into forms, it’s a smooth experience for all parties. You can cut down on processes and keep everything in the same place—from signing to approvals and automated emails.

Best of all? With thousands of integrations, you can connect directly with all your favourite tools—from Google Sheets and Asana to Notion.

→ Signature Form Template

💸  Paperform Pricing: There are a total of three plans (Essential, Pro, and Agency), but only the Pro and Agency plans have E-Signature support. The Pro plan is $32.50/month, and the Agency plan starts at $82.50+/month.    

2. HelloSign

(Image Source: HelloSign)

HelloSign is one of the most popular DocuSign alternatives on the market.

It was bought by Dropbox in 2019 and as such, one of its biggest strengths is the integration between the two platforms. It also works seamlessly with Google Docs and other well-known applications.  

The features you’ll find with HelloSign will cover almost all of your e-signature needs. In most cases, you won’t even end up utilising all of them (it's like buying a Ferrari to go grocery shopping.)

While HelloSign is certainly one of the more user-friendly signature solutions, keep in mind it's on the high-end spectrum in terms of pricing. That said, you’ll be getting top of the line features, generous support, and even some training.

💸 HelloSign Pricing:

  • HelloSign's pricing starts at $13/month, with the more advanced Enterprise plan starting at $24/month.

3. PandaDoc

(Image Source: PandaDoc)

PandaDoc is a vast online signing platform with a modern look and more connectors than an electric circuit. There's no shortage of excellent features, including the ability to convert a Google Doc into a sign-able document and its diverse template library.

It’s pretty rare in this industry to provide in-document payments in the free version, so if that’s important to you, PandaDoc should be one of your top contenders.

But if all you need is a document editor, you might want to consider alternatives. While the lowest paid plan, Essentials, is rich with premium features, it is more expensive than most options.

💸  PandaDoc Pricing:

  • PandaDoc has a free plan with limited functionality. Paid plans start at US$19/month per user for Essentials.

4. DottedSign

(Image Source: DottedSign)

DottedSign offers one of the best deals around if all you need is e-signatures. Where many of the apps on this list do a little of everything - from editing to CRM auto-fill - DottedSign sticks to the basics. Depending on your needs that will be a strength or a weakness.

If you want a polished, modern-design app that does a few things well (e-signatures, audit trails, and signature tracking) DottedSign is an excellent place to start. It's also a great option if you're on a budget.

💸  DottedSign Pricing:

  • DottedSign offers three signatures per month for free. Paid plans start at $5 per month for unlimited signatures and one reusable template.

5. signNow

(Image Source: SignNow)

signNow is the signature element of the extensive airSlate software suite. AirSlate specializes in no-code business process management (BPM) tools for automation. Inside of documents, you can create actions quickly based on conditions or triggers.

E-Signatures are a great application of BPM automation, and SignNow offers many premium features at low prices, from custom branding to multilingual support, to bulk send included in the $15/mo plan.

However, SignNow places payment acceptance in the third tier, which we’ve seen in the free plan in some cases.

💸  signNow Pricing:

  • signNow's plans start at $8/month for Business. They offer a range of paid tiers including Business Premium, Enterprise, and airSlate Business Cloud, which is an advanced solution coming in at $500/month.

6. AdobeSign

(Image Source: AdobeSign)

Compared to other offerings, AdobeSign is on the cheaper side, with an impressive feature list to boot. Where so many other apps trend towards SaaS and cloud no-install apps, Adobe's most distinguishing feature is that it's meant for the desktop.

Although there is a no-install signature capability and Adobe has begun dipping its toes in cloud apps, it still feels most comfortable on desktop, as part of Creative Cloud.

💸  AdobeSign Pricing:

  • AdobeSign is tied in with the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite, which makes the pricing tiers quite complex. You can use Acrobat Pro DC to sign and annotate documents, and pricing starts at $15/month for a PDF pack with e-signatures.

7. SignRequest

(Image Source: SignRequest)

SignRequest competes with the big players in terms of integrations, bulk sending, and custom branding.

What is refreshing about SignRequest is that it seems like a smaller company with a focus on signature workflow and initial onboarding. Sure, they don't have a template library, but their integration with Google Docs and others is better than many of their competitors.

We tend to think that without PDF editing their price is a tad too high, but for most small businesses, they have a good variety of features for the price.

💸  SignRequest Pricing:

  • SignRequest has a free plan with up to 10 documents per month. Paid plans start at $7/month for one user, five templates, custom branding and more.

8. RightSignature

(Image Source: Citrix RightSignature)

RightSignature by Citrix is one of the legacy players in the market. It's the grizzled veteran that has seen it all and lived to tell the tale. Particularly if your company is already using Citrix applications (as so many do), adding RightSignature might be the right move.

For small businesses that want feature-rich apps for editing PDFs, receiving payments, or using a free extensive template library, RightSignature probably isn't for you. Not only is it on the expensive side, it's targeted at larger businesses that rely on biometric signatures, a more specific use case.

💸  RightSignature Pricing:

  • Pricing starts at $15/month for the Standard plan, which offers one user, and features like document sending, hand-drawn signatures, and integrations.

9. DocHub

(Image Source: DocHub)

DocHub is an excellent place to get started for individuals or small businesses. It’s entirely cloud-based and doesn’t even have an app. Although not as feature-packed as Adobe Document Cloud, it provides a wide range of capabilities, like batch signing and collaboration.

Companies adopt the cloud signature process because it doesn't require the signers to download an app and it's simple to use – if you have used Google Docs, you can use DocHub.

It’s integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, and even Gmail, but it won’t be replacing Google Docs. You’ll need to import any files from another cloud platform before it becomes a signed document. There are better workflows for enterprise or medium businesses, but DocHub suits small businesses perfectly.

💸  DocHub Pricing:

  • DocHub is free for up to 2000 documents and three e-signatures (by other people) per month. For $7/month, you can get unlimited signatures.

10. Sertifi

(Image Source: Sertifi)

Sertifi is a big player in the signature services market. Offering all-in-one payment systems, it is aimed primarily at the hospitality and tourism industry. The company is also used as a backend in ecommerce, and with its Salesforce integration,  can assist you in tracking sales.

It's focused on three main products: e-signatures, payments, and authorizations. Most customers pay for the payments product, which includes digital signatures as part of the suite.

💸  Sertifi Pricing:

  • Pricing starts at $1,800/year for up to five users, with pricing plans rising from there, as part of its holistic business solutions.

These are the best e-signature tools available in the market. Before committing to any software, be sure to try out as many as possible, and if necessary, reach out to the support teams for help.

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