Customer Success Specialist

Advertised: Feb 5th 2020

About Paperform

Paperform is a Sydney based SaaS company that provides tools to help people and businesses easily create beautiful online forms (check out Our aim is to democratize digital creation. Paperform launched in late 2016, and now has thousands of customers from across the globe. We’re a small, agile team, and we’re growing fast!

Working for us

We’re a remote team, and our office is based in Sydney, Australia. To work for us you need a stable internet connection, a passion for getting stuff done, outstanding communication skills, and to be tech savvy.

For this role, we’re looking for people based either in east coast Australia, or on a US timeline.

Our core values and expectations are empathy and kindness, that you be detail oriented, autonomous, know the product inside-out, and work creatively. We like to spend a minimal amount of time in meetings, and execute tasks and strategies at a fast pace.

The role

We are looking for a full-time Customer Success Specialist. Day to day, you’ll be supporting our users, improving our educational resources, working closely with our Product and Growth Teams, and coming up with ways to innovate our approach to support. We’re looking for someone who will be like a dog with a bone when it comes to troubleshooting. Above all, we want a candidate who is able to build a rapport with our user-base and carry on our solid reputation for excellent customer support.

There will be significant ongoing opportunities to learn and grow with the company as you work closely with our People and Product Lead, as well as the founders to continue to scale Paperform. We’ll help you to achieve your goals by supporting you, and welcome innovative ideas you bring to the table.


  • Conducting live chats with users and leads: answering and troubleshooting, assigning/escalating tickets, and being the face of Paperform.
  • Reviewing, editing, and creating educational content.
  • Managing account issues.
  • Reporting on customer feedback, feature requests, and anything else support related.
  • Capturing lead info and upselling where relevant.
  • You’ll work on other specialised projects with Tech, Growth, and Operations.

Important Skills

  • Self Starter / Self motivated: take ownership of their role, and drive it to completion with minimal supervision.
  • Team Player: while being self-motivated, illustrates the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and work efficiently in a team.
  • Adaptable to Change: Possess the ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances and situations.
  • Tech & Comms Skills:
    • Excellent with troubleshooting and resolving complex problems.
    • Support apps, like Intercom.
    • Software like Google Drive, Notion, Slack, Asana.
    • Comfortable with drafting documents, using HTML or Markdown.
    • Programming skills will give you an edge for this role, and also opens the potential for you to work with Product.

You’re a good fit if you...

  • Communicate well through digital mediums and have a high level of written and spoken English.
  • Can’t sleep if you know there’s a better way of doing something, or a way to solve a problem.
  • Try everything in your power to solve an issue before assigning it to someone else.
  • Enjoy moving super fast on tasks and campaigns, and loath death by meetings.
  • Take ownership of your work, and can manage projects and work to deadlines.
  • Have strong attention to detail and can spot a typo from a mile away.
  • Can work autonomously, and thrive when given responsibility.

How to apply:

  1. Write an email to, and address it to Diony.
  2. Ensure the subject title is “Customer Success Specialist: [your full name]”.
  3. Attach your CV/Resume
  4. Attach any other supporting docs, like portfolios etc., that you think are relevant. If you have links, include them in the body of the email.

What happens after you apply?

If your application is being considered, we’ll invite you to a 15 minute VC for a quick chat. Then if we feel you’re a strong candidate, we’ll invite you to a test run on support. We’ll provide more info on these steps if you progress.