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Advanced form analytics

Advanced form analytics

Paperform Analytics gives you deeper insights into the behaviour of your customers, site visitors, potential clients, and form respondents. Our Analytics Dashboard automatically collects important data like form views, incomplete submissions, completion rates, sales, and drop-off questions to help you understand your audience and send your conversion rate through the roof.

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Connect your favourite tools

Connect your favourite tools

Prefer to use third-party analytics software? Paperforms can be connected to 25+ popular analytics apps including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Mixpanel. With our handy tools and a few automations you can make sure the right form data (like GA events or email addresses) gets where you need it to go with no manual input on your end.

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Export and synchronize data

Export and synchronize data

Need to take your form submissions elsewhere? We make it easy to export all responses and data in your choice of format—from CSV and .DOC to PDF. And if you want to cut down on the busy work, you can synchronise information automatically between Paperform and the tools you love.

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Secure and reliable

Secure and reliable

We take the privacy of your data — and it’s yours, not ours— very seriously. All form submissions are secured using TLS 1.2 SSL from the submitter’s browser through to our servers based in the USA. We’re fully GDPR compliant and committed to the safety and security of your data.

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