How PitchDB saves $500 each month using Paperform

The founder of PitchDB, Ron Story Jr, shares how Paperform creates versatile and data-driven forms for onboarding customers and managing affiliate programs.


  • Paperform’s Partial Submissions feature has allowed PitchDB to turn 75% of abandoned shopping carts into completed purchases.
  • PitchDB saves $500 each month on affiliate marketing software, thanks to Paperform.
  • Paperform’s easy-to-use interface allows Ron Story Jr. to manage and configure his website without any coding experience.

Challenge: Easily creating flexible and customizable forms

“My background is in sales and marketing, not web development. I didn’t want to keep bothering my development team with every single change I wanted to make within the onboarding process. Using Paperform, I could test different prices, switch between free and lifetime accounts, or look at the form from the customer’s perspective all on my own - without any coding experience. This meant I could quickly and easily run AB tests to improve our onboarding process. I’ve tried other form builders and they were very generic. I couldn’t add webhooks and there wasn’t much customisation. With Paperform, I could use webhooks to easily set up our software without being a programmer. Within a week, we had 3 different webhooks that allowed people to sign up for 3 different programs.” Ron Story Jr.

Challenge: High incompletion and abandonment rates

“Our previous forms also didn’t collect information from unfinished forms. However, Paperform’s Partial Submissions feature allows me to follow up with potential clients or offer them a discount to move them through the sign up process. I can easily sell and control my products without my developers building an entirely different piece of software. This means 75% of abandoned forms are able to be rescued and turned into customers. At one point, we had 15 questions and we could see exactly where customers were likely to stop responding. Thanks to the Partial Submissions feature, we were able to address that and remove irrelevant questions, leading to a much higher completion rate. Paperform helps us by collecting data to truly understand our customers at the onboarding and sign up stages, automating a 30 minute interview into a 4 minute form.” Ron Story Jr.

Challenge: Finding a cost-effective affiliate program solution

“Paperform allows us to manage our affiliate program easily, just by duplicating forms for each affiliate. We can customize the form’s name and appearance, embed the form in their URL with their custom domain., manage different prices and referral codes. We’re even able to access the affiliate data instantly without individually asking the affiliates. Thanks to Paperform, we save $500 a month without affiliate software. We save $500 a month by using Paperform instead of affiliate software.” Ron Story Jr.

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