L’Amour Catering Receives 85% Of All Event Inquiries Via Paperform

John Mulligan of L’Amour Catering shares how Paperform’s inquiry form has made it possible for them to attract more leads at all hours of the day and expand their horizons with an online ordering system.


  • Paperform's customizable inquiry forms allow L'Amour Catering to be open to the world 24/7 and capture every potential lead no matter the time of day.
  • Using Paperform's payment integrations, L'Amour Catering is able to securely collect payments online through forms that inspire trust amongst their customers.

Challenge: Removing friction from the customer inquiry process

“Having an online inquiry form has removed the friction point of potential customers having to pick up the phone and give us a call. What we’ve found is that people are more likely to make inquiries online than they were a few years ago. In fact, more than 85% of our new customer event enquiries now come via Paperform. Our inquiry form also collects information regarding event requirements and provides us with some context before we jump on a call with them. This has created a very smooth process, as we then have some time to prepare all the information we need to give them in order to have a productive conversation that moves us faster towards a sale.” John Mulligan, L'Amour Catering

Challenge: Having to field calls 24/7

“Paperform has allowed us to be open to the world 24/7. Our form is live at all times of the day, which means that we’re always open to inquiries, even if we’re not physically available ourselves. Before this, there was a risk of losing leads if we missed phone calls. It works well for customers too, because they don’t have to wait around for business hours to give us a call; they can be in bed at night thinking about their event and submit a form there and then.” John Mulligan, L'Amour Catering

Challenge: Safely collecting payments online

“As a company that’s been around for as long as we have, we’re always looking for ways to branch out and offer new services. Currently, we’re creating an ordering system through Paperform that will allow us to offer our catering menu to be purchased online. When it came to choosing a tool, Paperform was a no-brainer, since accepting payments was such an intuitive process. Paperform’s extensive theming and formatting options also allow us to create a professional form that represents our brand accurately and instils trust in our customers. We can embed the form seamlessly into our existing website, so our customers know that they can trust the entire process from start to finish - which is particularly important when they’re being asked to enter payment information.” John Mulligan, L'Amour Catering

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