How Bold City Legal Saves 25+ Hours On Client Onboarding Every Month

Larissa Bodniowycz of Bold City Legal shares how Paperform has saved her law firm 25+ hours per month in client onboarding time and allowed them to create personalized client experiences at scale.


  • Conditional Logic allows Bold City Legal to simplify and automate complex legal form functions. Now they can have tailored forms that adapt to each client’s specific needs based on their responses.
  • Creating intake forms allows them to onboard multiple clients at once without the busy work.

Challenge: Onboarding multiple clients at a time without losing a personal touch

“Paperform has helped us create a dynamic intake system that saves us hours of time during client onboarding. For example, if we have a client come on board who needs a trademark registration, we have a specific intake form which allows us to receive exactly the information we need from them to get started. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time a client needs a trademark; the intake forms allow us to onboard multiple clients at once and create a personalized experience at scale.” Larissa Bodniowycz, Bold City Legal

Challenge: Reducing email back-and-forth

“Prior to using Paperform, we were onboarding new clients by sending them a series of copy-pasted questions via email or in a Google Doc. While this did work, it was very labor-intensive. It took us a lot longer to complete the process as there was an inevitable back-and-forth due to a lack of ability to include specific instructions. With Paperform, we can include clear guidelines for each individual question to help our clients answer as accurately as possible. This has significantly reduced the number of follow-up questions we need to answer via email or phone calls. Beyond the time-saving aspect, using Paperform for intake also makes us look more professional and allows us to represent a consistent, trustworthy brand from the get go. It helps us start our relationship with new clients on the right foot.” Larissa Bodniowycz, Bold City Legal

Challenge: Simplifying complex legal forms and processes

“Whilst legal forms are notoriously complex and time-consuming, Paperform’s Conditional Logic feature makes our onboarding super easy for clients to complete. The feature automatically shows and hides certain questions for clients based on their specific needs. It’s complete customization at scale, which as a busy legal firm that deals with multiple clients at any given time, is invaluable.” Larissa Bodniowycz, Bold City Legal

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