Paperform + Process Street: How to Use Zapier to Kickstart Your Client Onboarding Process

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Alex Gallia

You've created a beautiful web form in Paperform for potential clients to get in contact, and hopefully spark a long and fruitful working relationship with your agency. Excellent start. Now, how do you go about making sure that when a form is submitted, you are responding quickly and completing all of the necessary steps to deliver a first-class onboarding experience every time?

Of course, that's ultimately up to your customer success team to put in the work, but taking 5 minutes to set up automation in Zapier is the special sauce that will make everything run smoother. And yes, it really does take 5 minutes.

Paperform’s Zapier integrations connects Paperform with over 1,000 other apps, so you can extend the capabilities of your forms by creating your own set of automation rules working in the background.

In this post, we're going to be looking at how you can integrate Paperform with Process Street to streamline the client onboarding process by automating the creation of an onboarding checklist and populating it with data collected in the form.  
Process Street is a simple business process and workflow management tool that lets you create any process in the form of a digital checklist, assign tasks to team members, and track progress in real time.

Here’s a high-level overview of the workflow we’re going to automate:

  1. Form is submitted through Paperform
  2. Form submission triggers the creation of a client onboarding checklist in Process Street
  3. Basic client data is automatically populated in Process Street form fields.

Let's dive into the specific use case and how we set this up in Zapier.
The Zap: Run a client onboarding checklist when a form has been submitted through Paperform

You run a marketing agency called Bright Star Marketing. Elon Musk has decided he would like to work with you to get some help with Tesla’s content strategy and has filled out the form you created in Paperform to get in contact with you.

He’s clicked submit. Now, you want to run a new client onboarding checklist, automatically populate it with Elon’s info, and assign a member of the customer success team.
Here’s the form that Elon has filled out:

Once he clicks submit, Paperform will notify you have received a new submission, which you can access from the dashboard in your Paperform account.

And there he is. Confirmation that Elon Musk has submitted a form to work with your marketing agency.

So, this is how we set up the zap to make form submissions a trigger for the creation of an onboarding checklist. First, login to your Zapier account, click “Make a Zap!” in the top right corner, and follow this step-by-step guide. If you don’t have a Zapier login yet, sign up for free here.

Choose Paperform as your trigger app, and select “New Form Submission” as the trigger.

Then, select the form that you would like to watch for submissions. In this case the form is called “Bright Star Marketing Agency”.

And just like that, you’re already halfway through. The trigger has been set up, now we need to clarify the action that will be taken when a form is submitted. You’ll need a free Process Street account to continue, and make sure to add this client onboarding checklist to your account

Choose Process Street as the action app and “Create a Checklist” as the action.
Then, connect your Process Street account to Zapier by entering your API key, found in the Settings & API tab of the organization manager. Bear in mind, you need to be an Admin to have access to an API key.

Once you’ve got your account connected, it’s time for the final and most important step in the process: selecting the relevant checklist and all of the data, collected in the form submission, that you want the checklist to be populated with upon creation.

Scroll down and match the Paperform data with Process Street form fields. In this case we’re going to add the client’s first name, last name, company name, and email address.
I’m only scratching the surface of what’s possible here. By customizing the checklist to match form fields in your Paperform page, you can automatically pass all kinds of data.  

Don’t forget to test the step once you’ve completed selecting data for the template to be populated with. Once you’ve had a successful test, switch on the zap and give yourself a pat on the back!
Now, as soon as Elon submits the form, a client onboarding checklist will be created in Process Street titled “Tesla” and will contain contact details he entered in the form.

It’s also important to note that inside the "Edit Template" screen you can automatically assign the checklist to a team member. This way the individual responsible for onboarding receives a notification via email and inside their Process Street inbox the moment the checklist is created.

The onboarding process has been kickstarted without you even lifting a finger. The relevant individuals can now easily get in touch with Elon and follow the checklist in Process Street to deliver a masterful onboarding experience.

I hope this helped you set up a solid onboarding process into your Paperform account!

If you want to start building beautiful forms today, start a free 14 day Paperform trial. Then create better workflows for you and your team to handle your interactions seamlessly with a free Process Street account.

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