Introducing the 'Neo' Matrix Field

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Today, we're thrilled to launch our long-awaited Matrix field, which provides a cleaner, more digestible way to ask multiple scale questions at once. Follow the white rabbit as we take a closer look at our latest question type. 🐇

Matrix questions sound complicated, as if they belong in the hall of scientific ideas next to String theory and Quantum physics, but they're simple. Essentially, matrix questions are a fancy way of saying "multiple questions presented on a grid."

They're one of the most popular question types, particularly in traditional pen-and-paper surveys, as they're easy to write, answer, and interpret. They'll be familiar to anyone who has ever filled out a form for a government agency, or responded to a feedback survey.

Let’s take a look at the new field, and show a few ways you can use it.

How the Matrix field works

The Matrix field works the same as any other field in the Paperform editor. Just select the question type from the menu, or type /matrix using our no-code slash commands.

From there, you can select the Cogwheel icon to go into the configuration menu, and set up your question. The Matrix field displays multiple-choice questions in a grid of rows and columns:

  • In the Rows field, enter the statements you want people to evaluate.
  • In the Columns field, enter your answer choices. These appear at the top of the grid.
Important: Try to keep row and column text short so they're easy for your respondents to read. If you add too many rows you risk people "straight-lining" through your survey, meaning they'll click the same answer to get through it quickly. A good rule of thumb is to keep rows, and columns, to 5 options or less.

Setting it up for mobile

Usually, when viewed on mobile devices and small screens, Matrix questions don't work. The horizontal formatting cuts the grid off, requiring respondents to scroll to see the full question.

Around here we're allergic to unresponsive, ugly, forms, which is why Paperform's Matrix field automatically displays rows as individual questions on mobile so they fit comfortably on any size screen.

Important: If you're making a survey that you know will be used mainly on mobile, a Matrix field might not be the right choice. Consider trying a standard multiple choice question, with our Guided mode, for a more intuitive, conversational experience.

When to use Matrix questions

You can use a Matrix question any time you want to rate a group of similar items, or ask scale questions on similar topics under one theme. This makes them great for customer and employee satisfaction surveys, performance assessments, and brand comparisons.

Below are just a few uses you may find handy for your business. (Click the 'Use Template' button to apply them directly to your Paperform account.)

1. Customer satisfaction surveys

Matrix questions are one of the easiest, fastest ways to gather valuable feedback from your customers. Just set your scale, usually ranging from very satisfied to very dissatisfied, and list the various areas you want feedback on.

Due to the closed-ended nature of Matrix questions, sometimes you can miss out on important context. To get qualitative data out of respondents, add a conditional field that appears only when someone gives a negative response.

2. Instructor feedback

Want to see what people really think about your course? Or you as an instructor? A Matrix question is an excellent way to get honest evaluations from students, and see what they really think about you. (If you're a real sucker for punishment, make them anonymous!)

3. Competitive analysis surveys

Want to gauge what your customers like about your competitors? Find the features your customers most value? Use a Matrix field to gain insight into how your brand stacks up compared to the rest of your industry.

Getting started

Now it's your turn to enter the Matrix! The new Matrix field is now live across all Paperform accounts—just log in to get creating. Not a customer yet? Sign up for a 14-day free trial to give it a go for yourself—no credit card (or red pills) required.

Excited to use the Matrix field and have a use case we haven't mentioned here? Let the Support team know, as we'd love to see all the creative ways you're using the new field.

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