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Get on top of all your projects with Paperform's new dashboard. We've made some subtle changes to simplify creating and managing projects while keeping everything you need just a click away.

At Paperform, we're constantly blown away by the creativity of our users. Every day, small businesses and entrepreneurs use our versatile tools to build unique solutions for their needs. We've gone from being 'just' a form builder to a kind of digital Swiss Army Knife; a digital ecosystem with options for almost any use case.

The end result? You can do a lot with Paperform. Whether you need forms, surveys, landing pages, or even a full ecommerce website, we've got you covered. But with so many projects—often spread across multiple clients, businesses and side hustles—it could be difficult to keep it all organised.

This brings us to today, launching our brand new dashboard experience. Read on to learn more about the redesign:

Templates at your fingertips

Paperform's template gallery(Image Source: Paperform)

The new template view sits at the top of the dashboard. At first glance, it might look similar to the previous version, but it's a bit different. Templates have a new design, and are now sorted by category, so you can easily access different creations across a range of use cases.

Now, when you click a certain template category, all templates in that category are displayed. You can scroll or search through the library and view a live version of each template, before adding it to your account.

So, let's say you need an onboarding form for a new hire. From the dashboard, just click on the Onboarding Forms icon, and you'll be met with a collection of ready to use templates.

Several onboarding templates, one with woman by the beach on red background featured(Image Source: Paperform)

An organised, beautiful workspace  

Spaces have always been a way to organise your Paperforms based on different form types, projects, clients, or any other criteria of your choosing. To make the process a bit more intuitive, we've moved Spaces adjacent to your forms, instead of in the sidebar. ›

Spaces are now listed next to your form designs. Add your forms to a space by dragging the icon, or click on a form icon and select 'Move to...' from the dropdown menu. All users can add unlimited Spaces, so you can organise your work how you think is best.

You'll also notice that we've changed the default view for your forms. Forms are now displayed in Card view, and show your cover image as the icon (or a gradient if you don't have a cover image selected).

Important: The main benefit of Card view is that it allows you to see more forms onscreen. It's a lifesaver when you work with a lot of forms. Though don't worry. If you're more of a traditionalist, you can revert to the standard view by clicking the icon to the right of the search bar.

In Card view, you'll also see individual submission counts for your forms shown with a notification on the top right of the icon. This gives you an overview of form activity at a glance, without having to click through to the full submission page.

When you click on an individual form, you'll also see a contextual menu. This gives you options to view, edit, copy, or delete your form. This is also where you access your submissions dashboard, which is also sporting a slightly new look.  

Share your thoughts

Love the look of the new UI? Have some ideas for us? Click the icon in the bottom right of your screen, or use the feedback form below to let us know what you think. And watch the YouTube video below for a full overview.

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