Create Forms for Help Scout with Paperform

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Paperform is the easiest way to make forms online - and you can easily integrate your forms with Help Scout - a customer service software with knowledge base capabilities.

How to create forms forHelp Scout

Before you can create a form, you'll need a Paperform account, if you don't have one you cancreate one herefor a 14 day free trial (no 💳 required).

Once you have a Paperform account, you can create a form. To get started you can watch the overview video above, or follow ourstep by step guide.

If you'd like a head start on creating your form, have a look through ourTemplates Directory. We have over 500+ designer made templates that not only look great, but have questions ready for you to tailor to your needs.

OK I have my form, how do I connect Help Scout?

Create and connect forms to Help Scout with one of our ready made Zap templates, or customize your own integration on Zapier or Make.