It’s easy to add Google Analytics to any of your Paperform forms! Follow the instructions below to get started.


  1. Go to the Google Analytics panel ( and copy the appropriate Tracking ID from Admin → Property Settings.
  2. On your form, go to Configure → Analytics, and paste and save your Tracking ID under the Google Analytics section.
  3. You’re done! If after following these instructions and waiting for a few hours no data is coming through, you should check to see whether domains other than your website are filtered out of reports by going to Admin → View settings → Filters of your Google Analytics Account. Paperform forms are loaded from, unless you are on Agency with a custom domain.


Paperform forms send through some custom Google Analytics events for user’s actions. Below is a list of events that are currently supported.

All events will have a category of “Paperform:ID” where the “ID” is the part at the start of the form’s URL (

The Label will be the title of the form.

The Action will be one of the following;

SubmittedForm - Triggers when the form is successfully submitted.

StartedCheckout - Triggers when the checkout is opened.

StartedSubmission - Triggers when the user begins filling out the form.

Track conversions using goals

To make the most of Google Analytics conversion tracking, you might want to set up goals for the Paperform events. See for details on how to set up goals, in particular look at the section on “Event” type goals. If that is a bit daunting, this article provides a friendlier overview.