How do I delete a form?

You can delete a form from your Dashboard. Find the form, click the three dots icon (...), and then select "Delete" from the mini-menu.

Screenshot of the lower section of the Dashboard, where forms and spaces are listed. Next to a form, the "..." icon is highlighted, and the mini-menu that has popped up shows "Delete" as the final option.

A confirmation box will pop up, asking if you are sure that you want to delete the form—click "Ok" and it will be removed.


  • When a form is deleted, its now-inactive URL will automatically redirect to the Paperform homepage, and any places where it was embedded will show an error message. Consider disabling submissions instead if the form is still receiving traffic.
  • If you accidentally delete a form, it may still be possible to recover it. If that happens, reach out to the support team as soon as possible using the chat box or send us an email at with as much info about the form as you can provide.