How can I organize my forms into groups?

Forms can be organized into different spaces in your Dashboard.

If you scroll down in the Dashboard, you'll see a list of forms on your account. Below the search bar on the left are all of your "spaces," which are like folders for your forms. By default, your forms will be in a single space called "My Forms."

Click the "Add Space" button to create a new category that you can use to organize your forms.

Screenshot of the form list in the bottom section of the Dashboard. On the left side is a list of spaces, and the option "Add Space" is highlighted at the bottom of this list.

To move a form into a new space, just drag and drop it in. You can also click the three dots next to a form (...) and then select "Move to..." to choose a new space.

To change the name of a space, first select it, and then click its name at the top (right above the list of forms).

Screenshot of the form list in the bottom section of the Dashboard. The name of the space is selected at the top of this section (above the forms), and the typing cursor appears to change the name.

You can change the order of your spaces by dragging and dropping them in the list.

After selecting a space, you can delete it by clicking the trash icon to the right of its name in the list.


  • If you delete a space, this also deletes all of the forms inside of it. Make sure to move any forms you want to keep to a new space first.
  • You must have at least one space in your Dashboard.
  • If you are a sub-user on a team with user or viewer permissions, you can't make changes to spaces for the account. Admins and the account owner can use spaces to determine which users and viewers have access to which forms.