How do I create a form?

When you first log in to Paperform, you'll be taken to your account Dashboard.

Screenshot of the upper section of the Paperform Dashboard. The "Create a form" button sits between two other icons in the top-right corner, and there are several template categories to choose from in the center, under the heading, "What will you make?"

From here, simply click the "Create a form" button in the top-right corner to get started.

If you prefer, you can pick a template category (under "What will you make?") to find a starting place for your new form, and edit it from there. Scroll to the right for additional categories. You can also use this section to search for a specific template, or as a shortcut to start from scratch.

Once you select a template or blank form, you'll be taken to the form editor. From there, you can add and edit questions and other content however you like.


  • Can't find the "Create a form" button? Paperform doesn't currently support creating or editing forms on mobile devices or tablets.