How can I transfer my forms or space?

Please note that this feature is exclusively available with specific pricing plans.

You can transfer ownership of a form on your account to a different Paperform user. Note that this is not the same as sharing your form as a template (which is available on all paid plans). When a form is transferred, the new owner also receives access to past submission data, while the original owner will lose the ability to edit the form or view results.

Like form sharing, outgoing form transfers are not available during the 14-day free trial period. Transfers can only be initiated by the owner or an admin of a paid account. The recipient can be any Paperform account owner (paid or trial, all plans).

Screenshot of the Transfer Forms page in Account Settings. The "Transfer Forms" tab is selected in the left side navigation bar, and the sections "Incoming transfers" and "Outgoing transfers" display info about various forms.

To transfer a form, click the avatar icon in the top-right corner of your Dashboard, then head to Account Settings → Transfer Forms.

Transferring one form at a time

Click the "Transfer form" button to send a single form to another Paperform account.

Screenshot of the options when transferring a form: "Recipient email," "Form," and "Additional features to transfer," with "Save" and "Cancel" buttons at the bottom.

You will be prompted to enter:

  • Recipient email — The email address which the new owner uses to log in to Paperform. If transferring to another account, this must be the email of the account owner, not an admin or other sub-user.
  • Form — The full URL of the form, in the format If you usually use a custom domain, enter the address instead (found under Share → Social & URL in the form editor).
  • Additional features to transfer — Select these options if you'd like to transfer any of the connections attached to the form, like payment accounts or integrations. Keep in mind that selected connections will be removed from your account completely when transferred to the new owner, so this can cause problems if you are using them for other forms.

After clicking the "Save" button, you'll see the form listed at the top of your outgoing transfers.

The outgoing transfers section, with the form from the previous step listed at the top.

This page will update to let you know when the form has been accepted by the receiving party, as well as when the transfer has been completed. You can also cancel using the button to the right, but only if the transfer is not yet finished.

Transferring a space

The "Transfer space" button allows you to transfer all of the forms in one space at the same time. Rather than the "Form" option, you'll see a dropdown menu labeled "Space" which you can use to choose one of the spaces from your Dashboard.

Receiving forms

The recipient will be notified via email when the transfer request has been sent. This message will contain a link to their own Transfer Forms page, where they can confirm or cancel the request under "Incoming Transfers."

The incoming transfers section of the recipient's Transfer Forms page. The section is scrolled all the way to the right, and the "Confirm" and "Cancel" buttons are highlighted at the end for the form in the top row.

The sender will be notified via email when the recipient confirms or cancels. If confirmed by the receiving account, the form or space will be transferred by the Paperform team within the following seven days.


  • If you are using full custom domains, these will not be transferred along with your form. Custom domains are tied to Paperform accounts, not to individual forms. However, a transferred form will retain its Paperform URL (, including any custom subdomain that you set under Configure → Details.