There are many different reasons why emails sent by a form submission may not be received, here's an overview of potential causes, and their solutions.

No emails are being received

Cause 1 - The email configuration has been changed

To resolve this cause, go into the email configuration and ensure that the setup is correct. Common mistakes are answer piping multiple emails in the to / cc / bcc address without a comma separating them, or having conditional logic enabled on the email such that it is never sent.

Cause 2 - A custom From Address is preventing the email from being sent

Try removing any custom from address and see if the issue is resolved. We recommend not using the custom from address unless you have to, as it can impact the email's deliverability or whether it is flagged as spam.

For most use cases, it is enough to use the "From name" and "Reply To" address, which doesn't impact the deliverability in the same way.

Cause 3 - You have gone over a limit in Paperform

Paperform has no hard limit on how many emails you can send, but we have a security system in place that will flag suspicious spikes in emails being sent. When an account is flagged for review, emails will be held until the account has been reviewed. When the account is approved, all held emails will be sent. This review usually takes no more than 48 hours.

None of the above? Contact Paperform support, and provide the form URL, and a detailed description of what you are experiencing.

Emails are not being received by a specific email address

Cause 1 - Going to spam or being blocked by the receiving email's service provider

Ensure the email isn't in spam, and that the email inbox isn't full. You can also have your email admin whitelist emails from or

Cause 2 - Email address has bounced previously

Paperform's email service provider keeps a blacklist of any addresses that have bounced previously. If an email address has been added to this blacklist, then any future attempts to email this address will being automatically blocked. Contact Paperform support, and provide the form URL and the affected email address if you believe this is the case.

Note that there is a 15 limit to the “To”, “CC”, and “BCC” fields for the manual entry of addresses (there is no limit for emails added by form submission. If one of your email addresses is an inserted field from the form, don’t worry, everyone who fills in this field will receive the email (no matter how many people fill in the form).