How do I add an attachment to an email?

Attaching Files

To attach a file to the custom email, simply click the "Add Attachment" button.

Attach file to custom emailAttach file to custom email

After you click the button you will be presented with a normal file selection, and you can choose the file you would like to attach.

Attaching PDFs

There are two kinds of PDFs you can attach to custom emails, the first is a Default Summary, and this document cannot be modified. The second kind is Paperform's Custom PDFs, which can be created under After Submission → Custom PDFs and is available on selected plans.

Please note that Custom PDFs are exclusively available with specific pricing plans.

To attach either kind of PDF to an email you can simply select them from the "Attach Custom PDFs" dropdown in the custom email setup.

Attach custom PDFsAttach custom PDFs


  • A custom email can have no more than 20 MB of files, we recommend keeping this below 10 MB if possible.