How do I customize the HTML of my emails?

With selected pricing plans, you can customize the HTML of your email. This allows you greater expression in how you design and personalize the emails you send out to customers, clients, or anyone else.

Accessing the HTML email editor

  1. From the form editor, go to After Submission → Emails.

  2. Create a new email or modify an existing email to configure your custom email.

  3. Make sure "Content of email" is set to "Custom Message".

  4. In the toolbar of the email editor, click the code icon — </>.

    Screenshot of a custom email's body text in the standard Visual Mode
  5. You can now edit existing content or add new content using HTML.

    Screenshot of a custom email's body text in HTML Mode

Note: If you change back to the visual editor, any changes you made in HTML mode may be lost.