How do I update or change my account email?

You can access your account details and change your email by selecting the avatar in the top right of your Paperform Dashboard and selecting "Account Settings".

Account Settings Selection

You'll immediately be taken to your overall account settings, including 'Account Details' which will allow you to change a number of details including the email associated with the account.

Email Field In Account Details

If you change your email address, you will be prompted to provide your current password, and a confirmation email will be sent to the new email address.

After the email address has been confirmed, the account's email address will be changed.


If you are looking to change your account email to one that is already associated with a Paperform account, you must first go to your account's billing settings and destroy the existing account with the email address you are looking to use. Then reach out to us in the support chat or by email at to get you squared away.