Two-factor authentication (2FA) gives your Paperform account a greater level of security. 2FA means that more than one method of authentication is required to users' claimed identities by using a combination of two different factors. Paperform currently supports Google Authenticator compatible services for the second method of authorization - a popular alternative to Google Authenticator is Authy.

Setting up 2FA

If you're an Essentials or Pro customer, you can set up 2FA in your Security Settings in your Paperform Account Settings. Simply click the "Setup 2FA"

Require all users have 2FA (Agency Plan)

As an Agency customer, you're also able to require all of your additional users to use 2FA.

To do this, head to your security settings in your Paperform account, select "YES" for requiring 2FA, and then "Update 2 factor...". Select setup to get everything in place.