How is "App Store" Paperform different to normal Paperform?

If you're using Paperform through a website builder's App Store, this article outlines the key differences from the standard Paperform experience.

Overall, the experience is nearly identical to holding a Paperform account at, however, there are a few notable differences listed below:

  • You can only access your Paperform account through the app store you purchased it from, you can't log in directly at
  • Forms created can only be used on the website you're creating (i.e you can't share them directly or embed them on other websites).
  • We don't brand forms with a "Powered by Paperform" footer on any plans offerd via a third-party App Store.
  • You can add forms to your site using the Paperform widget provided in the site builder.
  • The regular embedding instructions provided to users is not compatible with your forms.
  • Spaces are not available on the dashboard to organize your forms.
  • Forms created with an App Store account cannot be transferred to or shared with a standalone account.