About Paperform

If you're using Paperform through a website builder's App Store, this article outlines the differences from the standard Paperform experience.

Overall, the experience is nearly identical to Paperform at paperform.co, however, there are a few differences which might come up;

  1. You can only access your Paperform account through the app store UI, you can't log in directly at paperform.co.
  2. Forms created can only be used on the website you're creating (i.e you can't share them directly or embed them on other websites).
  3. There is no "Agency" plan, but some agency-level features are included on the "Pro" plan (for example: unlimited payment accounts, custom CSS).
  4. There is no "Powered by Paperform" messaging on any plans!
  5. You add forms to your site using the Paperform widget in the site builder, not by using the normal Paperform embed code.
  6. There are no "spaces" on the dashboard to organize your forms.