You can set your form to up automatically redirect to another page after submission under After Submission → Success Pages & Redirects.

Toggling on "Enable Redirect on Submission" from this menu allows you to enter a URL, but you won't see the option to specify the length of the delay between the submission and the redirect. If you enter a URL here, the Default Success Page will be visible for about one second, and then the redirect will happen automatically after that.

The active toggle, "Enable Redirect on Submission," with a space below for "Redirect URL," followed by a web address entered by the user.

If you'd like to customize the length of this delay, you will need to use Dynamic Success Pages & Redirects instead (only available on the Pro and Agency plans).

Setting a custom delay time

If you are on Pro or Agency, follow these steps to specify the amount of time to pause before redirecting:

  1. Head to After Submission → Success Pages & Redirects.

  2. If it's currently on, toggle off "Enable Redirect on Submission." We're going to set up the redirect somewhere else instead.

  3. Scroll down and toggle on "Dynamic Success Pages & Redirects."

    The active toggle, "Dynamic Success Pages & Redirects," followed by a description. There are no success pages listed here yet, but there is a button labeled "Add Page +" at the bottom of this section.

  4. If you don't have any Dynamic Success Pages yet, click the "Add Page +" button. If you have them set up already, you can choose one to edit first.

  5. Enter a Page Name for this Success Page. This is the title for the page that will be shown right after submission, before the redirect.

  6. Dynamic Success Pages also allow you to conditionally trigger different redirects depending on how the form is filled out. If you want the same redirect to happen every time the form is submitted, keep the "Page has conditions when it should be used" setting toggled off.

  7. Under "Redirect to another URL," click "Enable," then enter the URL for the redirect.

  8. Specify the length of the delay under "Redirect after this many seconds."

    Screenshot of part of the configuration page for a Dynamic Success Page with the redirect turned on. The section "Redirect after this many seconds" is highlighted, with the number 5 entered, and arrows to increase or decrease this number appearing to the right.

  9. Design the Success Page under "Submission Screen Design." This is what the submitter will see during the delay between submission and the redirect.

  10. If this is your only redirect, you are all set; save the form and test the redirect out by viewing and submitting your form. If you are setting up conditional redirects, you can return to the previous menu and add the next page from there.


  • If you have any custom analytics scripts, make sure you set a number of seconds that allows them enough time to complete before the redirect happens.
  • You can set the number of seconds to 0, but the Success Page will still flash for a moment before the redirect. This cannot currently be avoided, but if you would like to create the appearance of an immediate redirect, consider setting a completely blank page under "Submission Screen Design." Alternatively, you could write a message like "Redirecting..." or "Please wait a moment..." on the Success Page, so that the submitter knows that something is about to happen.