How to I add checkbox field quickly?

There is no specific question type for checkboxes in Paperform but you can insert them using the “Multiple Choice” question type.

To add a checkbox question quickly, use our Quick Questions feature with a slash command. Type a forward slash (`/`) in the form editor, and you will see a dropdown list of possible actions. Quick Questions are pre-determined question fields on the bottom of the action list. Choose the Checkbox option in the Quick Questions category.

The Checkbox option in the Quick Questions menu.

Under the question's configuration, define the multiple choice answers. You can select “Can choose more than one answer” to allow multiple checkboxes to be selected.

An example of a Multiple Choice question being used as a checkbox.

If only one option is provided in the multiple choice setup, then the question behaves as a single checkbox. This can be particularly useful for agreements and consent forms.

See an example of a consent form which uses a single checkbox here.