Launch Invite Form Template

Are you organizing an important event and want to give your attendees an easy way to RSVP? Then this Paperform's template might be a perfect place to get started. Hit the "Use this template" button to begin customizing that form.

First of all, add your company's logo and a background image to the form. You might also customize the fonts, colors, and embed videos. It might be important to write up a catchy description of your event and provide a good reason why your responders should RSVP. Messaging and visuals might be especially vital if your event isn't free.

You can choose among more than 20 available question-fields. However, for this particular form, the text, phone, and email fields are probably going to be the most important.

If your event is paid, you can accept payments via the same form thanks to Paperform's integrations with Stripe, Square, Braintree, and PayPal.

Good luck, and hope your event goes well!