Content Editor

Full Time - Australia (Remote)

Posted 20 February 2023

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  • Full-Time Role, Monday to Friday
  • Remote/hybrid with flexible hours
  • An Australian resident for tax purposes required
  • AUD $80,000 per annum + super and perks

Paperform's Vision and Mission

Paperform is an Aussie, bootstrapped, SaaS company that launched in late 2016, and now has thousands of customers from across the globe. We’re a small, agile team, and we’re growing fast!

Paperform’s mission is to bring business owners back to life by giving people the digital tools and support they need to build set-and-forget solutions. We want to see everyone have more time for the people and things they love.

Our core product is an online form builder like no other; Paperform is your digital Swiss Army Knife that does everything short of open bottles. It combines serious digital smarts with beautiful design to create endless possibilities. Our no-code editor is built from the ground up for anyone to master, with no techno-geek skills needed… unless you want to flex some big nerd muscles, then we’ve got you covered too. You won’t believe all the things you can create. Educate and entertain. Persuade, sell, and solve problems. If you can dream it, you can Paperform it.

The Role

As a product-led growth company, content marketing plays a crucial role in driving user acquisition and adoption of our SaaS product through organic search and educational content. In this role, you will support the content strategy by delivering high-quality content that educates users, helps them get the most out of our product, and aligns with the company’s overall goals and objectives. You’ll help create additional value for the business in parallel with our product.

Reporting directly to the Content Manager, you’ll need a deep understanding of the role of content within the business—and how it helps our users achieve their goals. You’ll be comfortable working with our product and learning it at a deep level, and creating content that supports our entire funnel, from SEO-focused content that satisfies search intent and engages the reader to more user-centric fare.

In addition to writing net-new content, the Content Marketing Specialist will edit content produced by the team and contributors. You’ll also assist the Content Manager in managing the content production pipeline and calendar, as well as refreshing and repurposing existing content to upgrade value and expand reach. This role requires sound management and collaborative skills alongside high editorial standards and the ability to give actionable feedback.

We expect you to be self-motivated, take initiative and ownership of your responsibilities, and to be extremely competent in solving problems without needing to be micromanaged. Working as part of a remote team, you’ll be expected to be able to communicate clearly with the team over a variety of mediums (video calls, Slack, etc.), be comfortable with raising issues or questions along the way, and provide insights into your work.

Above all, as part of a growing and ever-scaling business, you need to strike a balance between ensuring systems are established and updating or changing these when the need arises.


  • Content marketing: you’ll support the Content Manager in defining and executing the content strategy, researching topics, and crafting compelling narratives based on research and interviews with customers and subject matter experts.
  • Content creation: Deliver high-quality content within fast-paced production cycles. You’ll also edit and review content from the team and our network of freelance contributors.
  • Research and interviews: This role requires top-notch research and interviewing skills that draw out fresh insights and innovative perspectives. This role will include the need to regularly interview and garner insights from customers, and subject matter experts.
  • Work closely with the Marketing Automation and Customer Support teams to understand the user journey and product in order to create quality content that connects with customers and contributes to marketing and company goals.
  • Help set content priorities by leveraging data, trending topics, articles, and news to suggest articles for the Paperform Blog (or other content channels) and make informed decisions.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in content marketing and SEO, and continually seek out opportunities to improve processes and drive results.
  • Assist in managing and maintaining our content production pipeline and calendar, collaborating with team members and collaborators across time zones and tracking projects from rough drafts through to polished diamonds.
  • Work with our customer success team to surface regular insights into the pain points and motivations of our users.

Note: This role involves a range of responsibilities and you’ll be expected to be adaptable and flexible in your approach to your work. While the above outlines the main responsibilities, the role will require you to take on additional tasks and projects as needed in the best interest of the business.

Important Skills & Experience

  • At least 3+ years of editing experience at a publication or in a marketing department (if you’re transitioning into editing, you should have 3+ years in B2B SaaS, journalism or content writing)
  • A degree in journalism/writing (or lots of hands-on experience) will be highly regarded
  • Effective communication skills with both technical and non-technical team members
  • Experience working in the SaaS industry is a plus but not a must if you have the editing experience outlined above

You’re a good fit if you…

  • Have editing experience at a publication or in a marketing department
  • Have a proven track record with measurable results and a learning mindset
  • Are agile and adaptable
  • Excel at collaboration and communication
  • Can uphold several standards at once (AP style, the rules of grammar, ranking factors, our internal style guide)
  • Write content that is engaging and interesting (and you’re happy to interview subject matter experts to make content really pop!)
  • Are obsessed with details while keeping in mind the bigger picture
  • Can juggle lots of responsibilities and deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Are passionate about what you do
  • Are a team player
  • Can think outside the box and love experimentation
  • Want to grow with the business
  • Are open to feedback and use it as fuel for personal growth

What we offer

  • The opportunity to work in an inclusive company that truly cares about you and your career
  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • A competitive salary with benefits
  • Awesome annual team retreats with the entire company
  • Recognition and support for your hard work
  • Work with genuinely fantastic people who value candour, kindness, discipline and arguing well.

Working for us

Our main office is in Sydney Australia but we are a remote-first company. Your role will involve working both autonomously and collaboratively with the wider team. For this reason, we are looking for people who can be available during regular business hours across the Sydney time zone.

To work for us you need a stable Internet connection, a passion for getting things done, outstanding communication skills and an obsession with detail. You will need to be an Australian resident or citizen.

We have clear core values that drive the way we work:

  1. We are compassionate and kind: We treat everyone with respect and compassion. That goes for our team, customers, competitors and anyone in between. We put ourselves in your shoes, or behind your keyboard, and actively listen. Frustrated? Irritated? We’re the types that respond with an extra dose of kindness and support.
  2. We argue well and assume the best in others: Ever seen LeBron James argue with his teammates? That’s ‘cos when you’re pushing the boundaries and striving for greatness you don’t always agree. That’s okay. It’s not a personal attack. We speak up if we think there’s a better way to do something, but never lose sight of the fact our colleagues and our customers are on the same team. Disagreement offers a way for us to hone our critical thinking skills and become better as people and as a company.
  3. We are people and product-focused: We’re a SaaS business. That means we expect all our team members to understand the product back to front. No matter our role, from web dev to writer, we’re actively playing with and exploring it daily. This goes for customer problems too. We act as though we’re all responsible for customer service, regardless of our titles, and do what’s best for the customer first—even if that means suggesting a solution outside of Paperform.
  4. We are self-disciplined: Self-discipline has become a lost virtue. It used to be called things like grit; pluck; gumption. It’s doing the hard things. We turn up to work on time and we deliver on our promises and we see projects through to the finish line. We do the work without fanfare or complaints, then turn around and do it all again.
  5. We champion autonomy. We don't impose limits. We remove them. This goes for our team and our customers. Paperform is about giving you the tools to get the job done and the breathing room to do it. This doesn’t mean you’re up a river without a paddle—openness and an ability to ask for help are baked in.

How to apply:

Submit the application form at

If your application is being considered, we’ll invite you to a video call interview. We’ll provide more info on these steps if you progress.

We receive a high volume of applications for every role we post - please be patient as we review and give every candidate the attention they deserve.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to answer every application we receive; if you don’t hear from us within the next 3 weeks, your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion. We encourage you to keep an eye out for upcoming roles in the future.