Paperform Feature Pipeline

At Paperform, we like to be transparent and clear with our wonderful customers. We know that you’re excited to see what’s coming, and that this helps you plan your form and page creation.

We have lots planned, and we love hearing your requests. Take a look at the roadmap, and if you have any suggestions, let us know at . Note also that we have stuff planned that isn’t listed here :) Although we can’t guarentee we’ll do everything, we’ll always do our best. The public pipeline is regularly updated, so please give it a check before making a request.


  • Even more advanced reporting (Pro + Agency)
  • Rich text & templates for email responses (Pro + Agency)
  • Social shares for forms
  • Open API
  • Save and return to forms
  • Direct integrations
  • New payment integrations
  • Enhanced fields (more types and functionality)
  • Affiliate program
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