How do I set up conditional redirects?

All of our Paperform plans support submission redirects. Our Pro & Agency tiers also support conditional redirects which are part of our conditional confirmation pages.

Pro & Agency plans can use conditional redirects to send your audience to a particular URL as part of conditional confirmation pages. With this feature you’re able to:

  • set conditional logic
  • pass/insert form values into the URL
  • Set the amount of time you’d like the confirmation message to show before redirecting

To set this up:

  1. When in the editor, go to ‘Configure’ in the topbar
  2. Select ‘Confirmation Pages’ in the sidebar
  3. Select ‘Custom confirmation pages’ (to create confirmation pages that are tailored to the submitted answers), and then select ‘MANAGE CONFIRMATION PAGES’
  4. Select ‘ADD A PAGE’ to create your confirmation page, and then select ‘Edit’
  5. Customize the submission confirmation messaging as you like (add text, hyperlinks, configure logic, insert values, etc.)
  6. Go to “Redirect to another URL” at the bottom of the window, and select ‘ENABLE’
  7. Configure the redirect details:
    • Enter the redirect URL, and insert any form values using the list button to the right of the Redirect form URL address. This can be useful for identifying a submission on another service, analytics, or customizing feedback elsewhere.
    • Set how many seconds you want to wait before the page is redirected (this allows the submitter to view your messaging before being redirected).

Remember to DONE at the bottom of the window, and then SAVE on the Custom Confirmation Pages window!

If you have the Essentials plan, you can set up a submission redirect, but will not be able to make it conditional (dependent on logic/answers, or pass values into the URL). See here to get instructions on how to set up a redirect.

For more info on customizing all of your confirmation page, see

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