The 21 Social Media Tools You Need Today

I am a socially awkward person. At gatherings, I inevitably end up saying things like, “Yeah, so I heard about that rash you got. How’s that going?”

Or, I simply introvert my way into a corner and pretend I’m doing something really important on my phone, like selling stocks or entering nuclear launch codes.

Now, what does any of this have to do with your social media marketing?

You and I can afford to be awkward offline (for the most part), but the opposite is true when it comes to online marketing. Which means your social media marketing needs to be anything but clumsy. If you’re awkward at social media marketing, you’ll inevitably end up using the, “I was hacked,” excuse for a stupid Tweet at some point.

Bottom line: you need a well-planned strategy for social media marketing.

This strategy should empower you to:

  • Post on a consistent basis to increase brand exposure
  • Ensure that your social media presence stays on brand
  • Create numerous types of posts for different social media platforms
  • Collaborate on posts with others

Thankfully, there are a TON of social media tools that will allow you to accomplish all of these things.

By incorporating tools that go beyond the standard social marketing toolbox, not only will you set yourself up for success now, you’ll lay a foundation for even greater success in the future.

So what are these magnificent tools? We detail the top 21 below.

Tools For Getting Your Message Out

If you manage your brand's message across numerous platforms - Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course Facebook - you know the process can be cumbersome. These tools help you streamline those efforts, pushing your brand towards a massive audience with far less stress.


Buffer works as a great one-stop shop for both scheduling posts and reviewing analytics to see how your social media engagement is performing. You can bulk schedule your posts or post one a time.

The company also has a stout knowledge base, so answers to issues are easy to source. They count Microsoft, Trello, and Shopify among their clients.


Whether you’re creating your own content or have earned your stripes across various platforms, SocialFlow makes certain you deliver the material to a broad audience.

They review user engagement in real time which allows you to make decisions based on authentic, actionable data. Not only does this help with current marketing endeavors, but you’ll also be able to design more effective messaging in the future.

Sprout Social

Managing your brand across many platforms is tricky as users of each social media service interact with them in different ways. Sprout Social aims to strip away some of the guesswork and make it easy to engage with users across every platform.

In addition to post scheduling and analytics, they also provide a means to better understand how a user interacts with a social platform so you can better communicate with them.


I love a good acronym, and IFTTT ranks up there with the best. Translating to “If this, then that” this marketing tool is quite nifty, allowing you to streamline messaging efforts by harnessing the power of applets. In other words, you can create “formulas” so that when you take an action, a series of additional actions are automatically executed.

Let’s say you want to send a tweet automatically every time you post to Facebook. With IFTTT you can. The best part is that it’s a free tool and has a ton of applications for personal use as well.

Agora Pulse

Although they have the trappings of a social media scheduler, Agora Pulse takes their platform a bit further.

They provide you a social inbox and monitoring tools to stay on top of your audience's conversations. With engagement becoming increasingly important for brands, this is a critical function. If you want to know how you rate against others in your industry, you can do that too.


I didn’t forget about B2Bs. If a need exists for reaching clients with an enterprise solution, Oktopost has it. Both a content scheduler and listener, Oktopost is a great fit with companies with dedicated social media departments.

Social Oomph

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple and easy. More straightforward than others on the list, Social Oomph is perfect for those looking for an easy way to schedule their social media updates and manage activity across all major platforms. Plus, they have a robust free version.

Tools For Getting New Ideas

If you are to be successful with social media marketing, you need to know what’s going on in the world and then post content that’s relevant to your audience. These tools keep you ahead of the game and in the know with what’s fresh, new and trending throughout the web and on all of the major social platforms.


One of the most popular services for staying plugged in, BuzzSumo’s simple search function lets you find the topics and content that are on fire and what may be cooling off. You can also discover the influencers that matter, and which avenues best serve your promotional ventures. It’s hard to argue against a service when brands like BuzzFeed, IBM, News Corp, and Yahoo are on board.


If you need to know what users are discussing or how they are engaging in a particular topic, Tagboard will show you. Theirs is a simple solution for finding the social media that matters and then promoting it across platforms. More than anything else, its spurs your creativity and helps you connect with your user base and beyond.


Feedly is a bit different in that it’s an old-school RSS reader with a modern marketing flare. It allows you to bring content from hundreds of websites into a single location, and then share that content across a variety of platforms. It’s a great tool for scanning large amounts of info and picking out what matters most.

Finding Your Audience

Businesses survive by finding new audiences - discovering the prospects that need the solutions they offer. Uncover your future list of clients with one of these services.


Need an assist in finding consumers that relate to your product or service? Audisense’s platform shows you relevant metrics to who your audience is and who it should be. This insight results in a wealth of powerful data points that help you create a targeted message to those most likely to respond to and act on it.


While not as robust as Audisense, CrowdBooster is still an excellent product for gleaning actionable metrics that help you create campaigns that reach your preferred audience. Customizable reports dial into the information that is important to your marketing goals.


Wouldn’t it be great to quickly find out what people are saying about your brand, your product, and even your competition? Brand24 can tell you. Their service plugs you into all the mentions, both good and bad, across all major social media platforms. Beyond just knowing your company rep, you can reward those who love your brand and make a play to convince those who don’t.

Help For All of the Little Extras

While these tools may not fit into a specific category, it doesn’t mean they’re any less helpful. One of them may provide the extra ingredient necessary to spice up your marketing.


Designed specifically for use with Twitter, Followerwonk allows your brand to engage at a deeper level within the Twitterverse. With it, you can analyze your followers and get recommendations on how to grow that base, and get suggestions on whom to follow.


Your brand’s visual presence is vital to your messaging strategy, but keeping it consistent across all platforms is a challenge. Visage alleviates this issue through a robust design editor and collaboration tools.


Managing your links is no small task. Bitly streamlines the process by condensing your URLs and ensuring they remain consistent across all of your social media outlets. They even provide tracking and reporting for those links.


As we noted, visuals play a crucial role in your branding, and with the explosive growth of online video, you need to ensure you bring your A-game to the medium. Slidely accomplishes this with an easy to use video editor that includes access to licensed music and video clips.


In today’s online world, quality material is an absolute must in generating meaningful audience engagement. Infographics are one of the best pieces of content to draw in a crowd. Venngage provides you access to a full suite of tools ensuring your infographics stand above the rest.


Sharing is caring and sharing content is just as valuable as creating your own. There’s no better way to declare yourself an authority than by staying on top of what’s hot and what’s not. Quuu is a curating service that identifies the web’s most valuable content so you can share it with your audience.


If their insanely cool home page doesn’t convince you how impressive their design acumen is, Canva’s free design editor will. Its an absolute must for both the novice and professional designer. Actually, even if you’re not a designer, you’ll certainly believe you’re one with creation tools for all types of projects, including social media, ebooks, and optimized presentations.


Of course, we just had to save the best marketing tool for last.
No doubt you’ve faced a previous situation where a simple form would have solved a major problem. Aside from an easy way to capture data, the right form helps facilitate transactions, make evaluations, and most importantly acquire lead information.

If you genuinely want to grow your business, that last action is an absolute must.  
Paperform drastically simplifies the form creation process, allowing you and your team to create professional, fully customized online forms and pages.

Even though web designers and developers love us, the platform is easy enough for any individual to create the perfect form. We are also widely used by marketers and agencies across a number of industries and integrate with great web-based services like automator Zapier or development tool Webhooks.

Keep Moving Forward

Social media marketing is an ongoing process, but you don't have to be a social butterfly to master it.

As a savvy marketer, there’s little doubt you figured out the following:

  • Who your audience is
  • Where your audience is
  • How to engage them with a clear message and high-quality content

Even with a fantastic plan in place, there is always an extra tweak to make or a specific approach to refine. Social media is continuously evolving and so should your efforts in spreading your brand’s awareness.

The above tools will take your social media marketing to a far more dynamic level.

Whether it's just one tool, or a combination of several, by staying plugged into the best methods you’ll stay ahead of the competition, keep potential clients coming through the door, and continue to increase your revenues.

And that is anything but awkward.

Ready to start building beautiful landing forms? Try Paperform for free for 14 days (no CC required).

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