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Diony McPherson

Today, we're extremely chuffed to be releasing 80 new form templates on our new templates dashboard! These templates are all inspired by successful forms made by 26 Paperform customers. Covering a diverse range of industries and form types, we're grateful this Thanksgiving for our awesome contributors, and we're excited to share these with you all.

We'll outline exactly what we're launching below first by type of form, and then by industry.

Types of Forms Available

Okay, first a disclaimer - we have held off on releasing a huge range of eCommerce forms (there are some though). This is simply because we are going to be launching a significant number of powerful eCommerce features in March 2019, and we plan on creating eCommerce forms that take full advantage of those new features.

In todays launch, you'll find the following template types:

Forms by Industry

We've also grouped the templates by industries, to help you find templates relevant to your project. Here are a few detailed mentions, followed by a more extensive list.


The Design inspired templates cover everything from lead gen, through to onboarding, assessment, and digital print ordering. We've also got a few event invitations to pull in those RSVPs. A number of these for templates are inspired by Sara Spada's White Rabbit Design studio, which emphasises a deeply personal approach to brand and design.

Templates are also based on YorkAli Walters creations. YorkAli runs design, branding, and media collaborative The Imaji Nation which draws together various illustrators, coders, photographers, videographers and database wizards.


Scopes, assessments, and lead gen forms rule the land of Marketing. We're fortunate enough to now have some detailed client assessment and project scope forms. You'll have no issues understanding your clients' brand and positioning once they're done with these forms.

A big thanks goes out to PubLoft, which connects top freelance writers to companies that want great SEO-driven blog content. Significant template contributions also come from ON2 Interactive, a digital design agency that specialises in digital products. Insightful marketing templates have also come from Hotel Tech Report, a community of hoteliers and hotel technology suppliers on a mission to make it easy to find and adopt technologies through unbiased reviews from innovative hoteliers. Did you know that hotels spend more than $30B annually on technology?! We didn't.


Talk about having fun designing templates! Our Fitness based creations cover a huge range of needs - lead gen, class enrolment, equipment requests, waitlist, feedback, and more. These rich, visual forms will kick bums off couches and into your program in no time flat.

Where would we be without those amazing go-getters, the FIT4MOMs? Left without a bunch of awesome templates! The team at FIT4MOM SOUTH OC inspired quite a number of our new fitness based forms, and FIT4MOM Severn as well as Tampa Bay Fit Moms LLC also generously allowed us to draw upon their efforts. These are the only women to see if you're a mom, or mom-to-be wanting to improve your health and be part of a solid community.


Even if you're not in the Customer Service industry, you probably (or probably should) use customer service forms for your business. We've launched a number of new feedback (including NPS) and product and company review forms. These range from detailed requests for feedback, to simple 60 second forms.

A huge thanks to London based delivery service Quiqup, who made quite a few of their customer feedback forms available to us. Significant contributions were also made by GCMAG, who provide relevant and quality content and experiences on fashion, music, sport and lifestyle. Sara Brinton, Founder of digital marketing and ecommerce initiative Brinton Collective generously allowed us to draw upon her forms.


Education covers all manner of stuffs. We've got some fantastic school-based registration forms that cover a range of events, order forms, as well as some conference and facilitation based forms for adult education. Engaging viewers, capturing powerful data, ensuring consent is given, and ensuring that payments are squared away well in advance, these forms will have you covered.  

A special thanks to the team at Ascendance Studio, who offer recreational dance classes that build a strong technical foundation for students who wish to pursue the art of dance in any form or shape. Another significant contributor for this industry is Alyssa Tulabut from Southeast Asia Resource Action Center. SEARAC is a national civil rights organization that empowers Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese American communities to create a socially just and equitable society. They inspired a high quality facilitator assessment form.


We could write a stupidly long post going into details of all the industries that are covered. Fortunately, rather than listed to us rabbit on, you can search templates by industry yourself here. You'll find templates on the following:

Over the coming weeks we'll be deep diving into all these templates and their contributors, so stay tuned!

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