What's Paperform?

Paperform is a Sydney based SaaS business that provides tools to help people and businesses easily create beautiful online forms (check out paperform.co). Our aim is to democratize digital creation. Paperform launched in late 2016, we’re a small team, but we’re growing fast!

The Paperform editor is all about easily creating forms that embody your project or business, sharing those with your community, and taking payments without fuss. Create forms using free text (like a doc), and insert questions or payments wherever you like. Forms come to life and engage your visitors like never before. How are we different to current form builders? We empower people to beautifully represent their brand on powerful forms.

Working for us

We’re a completely remote team - to work for us you just need a stable internet connection, a passion for getting stuff done, and outstanding communication skills. We use tools like Slack for communication and Trello for project management. For this role, you’ll also need to live in the Sydney area so we can catch up once and awhile.

We have a few core values and expectations: empathy and kindness, that you be detail oriented, autonomous, know the product inside-out, and work creatively. We like to spend a minimal amount of time in meetings, and execute tasks and strategies at lightning speed.

The role - Growth Marketing Lead

We are looking for a full-time Growth Marketing Lead. Day to day, you’ll be collaborating with our team to develop, test, and execute strategies to grow Paperform.

There will be significant ongoing opportunities to learn and grow with the company. We’ll also help you to achieve your goals by considering the resources and budget you need to make things happen.

An ideal candidate will be highly self-motivated, able to take initiative in solving problems, and someone that can take ownership of projects, without needing to be micromanaged. Working as part of a remote team has many great advantages, however you will be expected to be able to communicate clearly with the team over a variety of different mediums (including video calls, Trello, and Slack), take a task through to completion, be comfortable with raising issues or questions along the way, and providing reports with stats, insights, and proposed strategies.

Skills and responsibilities

Your job is to oversee our Company/Product growth strategy, developing, testing and scaling digital marketing strategies for growth, engagement and retention. We expect you to be able to execute these strategies from beginning to end, and to know when you need more resources to achieve your goals. We’d prefer you to have experience working in a small team / startup, especially one in which you have consistently proven growth results.

We’d like you to be especially great at...

  • Providing consultancy on all aspects of SEO, SEM, & Analytics
  • Strategy, production, and creation of blog articles and email comms

And to have a broad knowledge and ready to learn more about...

  • CRO, Onboarding and retention analysis and creation
  • Managing brand communication and social media presence

Logistical requirements

As a remote team, we have a flexible approach to work schedule. For this role, we would usually expect you to :

  • Cross at least 5 hours of 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday AEST
  • live in the Sydney region and meet up once or twice a month in person

You’re a good fit if...

  • You have experience working remotely and communicate well through tools like Slack, Trello, email, and video conferencing tools
  • Can’t sleep if you know there’s a better way of doing something and it’s not yet being done
  • Enjoy moving super fast on tasks and campaigns, and loath death by meetings
  • You take ownership of your work, and can manage projects and work to deadlines
  • You have a high level of spoken English
  • You have strong attention to detail and can spot a typo from a mile away
  • Can work autonomously, and thrive when given responsibility

Salary and perks:

$60K-80K + Super
Bonus based on meeting KPIs
Remote workplace allowance

How to apply:

  1. Write an email to support@paperform.co, and address it to Diony
  2. Ensure the subject title is “Growth Marketing Lead Application: [your full name]”
  3. Attach your CV
  4. Attach any other supporting docs, like portfolios etc., that you think are relevant. If you have links, include them in the body of the email.

What happens after you apply?

If your application is being considered, we’ll invite you to a 15 minute VC for a quick chat. Then if we feel you’re a strong candidate, we’ll invite you to an in-person interview. We’ll provide more info on these steps if you progress.