Become a Paperform Affiliate

Earn a recurring 20% commission for every referred customer

We continue paying you for as long as they continue paying for their Paperform account

How to start earning?


SIGN UPfor the program and receive your unique affiliate link


SHAREPaperform in a blog article, video, or another channel across your network using your link


EARN20% every month for the duration of your referral’s subscription

Our Lifetime Value is approximately $850 USD - that’s a potential of $170 per sale you make!

See how much you could earn..

For every user who signs up through your affiliate link you receive 20% of their monthly subscription value each month.

Move the slider to see how much you could earn!

The calculator assumes users are signing up on a monthly Essentials plan. If you are signing up Pro or Agency users you could be earning much more.

Commission Calculator


Actual monthly commission value for
100 referrals on Essentials.

Why share about Paperform?

How to promote Paperform?


Feature Paperform in your blog posts, write reviews for the product, include it on your Resources Page, or mention it in your digital assets. Share this content within your social network, your email list, or across your community.


Do an authentic review of Paperform by recording your screen as you navigate through the platform, or make a Comparison Video to highlight it’s key features when compared with other form builders.

Services package

Include Paperform to the services bundle you offer to your clients or in projects you run for your customers.


Promote Paperform through a Facebook Page, Slack group, Quora question, subreddit, Twitter or Instagram hashtag, forum, or blog. Just make sure that your audience includes those who would be genuinely interested in using a product like Paperform.

And the promotional strategies don’t stop there. Experiment and you will find what works with your audience!

We’ll make a range of resources available to you including our Promotion Guide (with more tips and strategies), Help Centre, Templates Example, Inspiration/Use-Cases, Video Tutorials, and a Branding Kit.


How do I join your program?
For the User Affiliate Program, sign up by clicking HERE. For the non-user Partner Program, sign up HERE.
Do I have to be a user of Paperform to join your Affiliate Program?
No, you don’t! We offer a Partner Program for non-users, however, it is very beneficial for our promoters to know the product. Why? Because Paperform is a distinct product, and having experience with the platform will help you close that deal. It fosters incredible trust with your leads when you speak from experience, and results in referrals that have a long lifetime in the product.
How long do I have to commit to being an affiliate?
The longer, the better! There are no time constraints, but please note that while we want the best for you, we want to see the Paperform Affiliate program thrive. Affiliates that don't generate any “commissionable” transactions for a period of few months will be deactivated.
When will I see results?
Many people start affiliate marketing and expect the cash to roll in immediately. Don’t jump into this expecting that you’ll tweet once and your work is done (although it can happen!). If you’re committed, you’ll be able to build up a strong revenue stream.
Is there a minimum I must earn before being paid out?
Yes, payments are issued to Affiliates with a balance of at least $100 USD.
When and how do I get paid?
You will earn recurring 20% commission off your Referred Customer for the duration of their Paperform subscription. Payments will commence from the second month after your first Referred Customer has signed up for a paid plan. All payments are made once a month, on the 20th of the month, through PayPal.
How do I contact you?
You can email us at

We are really thankful that you love Paperform and want to make it your business! ❤️